Giving Thanks on Mother’s Day


Thank you for showing me what it means to be a strong woman. To speak up when needed and never get pushed around. I rarely hesitate to speak my mind–sometimes to an excess–but it’s saved me more than once and I value having the confidence to do this without fear of what others may think.

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Thank you for not letting me wear short shorts or skimpy tank tops in high school, even when I threw fits and swore up and down that everyone else’s parents let them do it. I see young girls today wearing clothes that are far too revealing and now I get it. I know that I can flatter my body without actually revealing it.

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Thank you for teaching me to appreciate the arts. For taking me to the theater, symphony and ballet, and encouraging my pursuits of art and music.

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Thank you for recognizing that as a quiet child, horseback riding was my passion and the key to my confidence. You gave your time, money and likely your sanity to support me and travel with me; looking back I can’t imagine what a commitment this was and I will always value your sacrifices.

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Thank you for being my cheerleader. You’ve always been the first to help celebrate my successes and it’s made them even sweeter.

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Thank you for getting mad at me when I did dumb things as a teenager and said hurtful things out of anger (or hormones??). Without consequences I wouldn’t have learned to be accountable.

Thank you for letting me cry when my heart was broken, and for sharing my joy when I fell in love.

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Thank you for loving Jim and welcoming him into our family with all your heart.


Thank you for not abandoning Dan and me when we were the world’s most annoying teenagers and threatened to kill each other on a regular basis. You told us we’d be friends one day and you were right.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 8.37.05 PM

Thank you for making the job of being our mom your greatest joy and focus. You’ve never failed to nurture us, support us and love us unconditionally. Your love is a gift I will always cherish and will undoubtedly pass on to my children.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 8.36.14 PMI love you.

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