Drunk on thinking.

Every so often, it’s good to be reminded how much you don’t know.

I spent last week attending work events in different cities. Topics spanned from the rise of women in leadership to the influence of technology on corporate training. Now that it’s over, my head is spinning like a hamster wheel.

I’m drunk on thinking. Inspired and overwhelmed.

But this week was my favorite kind of learning—when the information comes so quickly you have to consciously choose the most important pieces to soak up or you’ll miss it all. It makes me picture a sweepstakes where someone is stuck in a clear booth with fans blowing around hundreds of dollar bills. Walking out with even a few bucks makes you a winner, but there’s sense of remorse for what you couldn’t quite hold onto.

I worry that in a few days my mental momentum will fade, and when I’m reminded of it at a later date, I’ll regret not transforming it into something worthwhile. In the meantime, I’ll keep plowing through the mess of miscellaneous notes and business cards I’ve accumulated, trying to figure out my next step.

One thought on “Drunk on thinking.

  1. I love that kind of week too, you come away with so much energy and inspiration, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything… the biggest challenge is always maintaining some semblance of momentum!

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