My dog ate my vacuum.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this e-card was how my dogs react the vacuum cleaner.


At the wise old age of four, they can recognize that lunging at the vacuum like it’s a rabid Pekinese in not the best idea. It results in an electric shock, a mouth full of dirt and very angry two-legged parents.

Just like dogs, people also learn to make better decisions by not remaking the poorer ones. We avoid things that cause bad feelings or have negative consequences, and adapt our activities to experience more of what’s rewarding and pleasant. This evolution of behavior keeps us safe and happy.

Most of the time.

Other times, we make the same mistakes over and over again, still startled to arrive at the same results. Some might say this defines insanity; I think it’s just what happens on a steeper learning curve. It takes a few tries to get over the hump. Because sometimes we’re not ready to learn a lesson, no matter how many times it sucker punches us in the face, and we need a few tries to understand what we’re experiencing.

We may not always learn things as quickly as our canine friends, but on the bright side, we have opposable thumbs get to go to the bathroom indoors.

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