one-hand wonder

It’s been three days since my surgery and the temporary loss of function of my right hand. I grossly underestimated how inconvenient this experience would be. Yep, pretty much thought I’d walk away with a band-aid and some Advil, not a huge wrapped appendage and pain meds that required showing a photo ID.

How am I typing, you ask? Slowly, with my left hand and the ring finger of my right hand. For some reason, this is the only finger I can type with painlessly.

Here are my initial observations on the experience.

Things that are unexpectedly challenging to do with a bum hand:

1. Washing my hair. Kind of hopeless.
2. Opening any type of jar, bottle, can or container.
3. Starting my car. Putting car in gear. Opening car door. Et al.
4. Laundry. I gave up.
5. Picking out produce. Opening those plastic bags is hard enough with three hands.

Things that are unexpectedly easy with one functional hand and one clumsy, bandaged hand:

1. Anything on an iPhone.
2. Eating a sandwich.
3. Vacuuming.
4. Administering canine ear infection meds.
5. Painting my nails.

I’d like to be clear that I am not feeling sorry for myself. Partially because I know this isn’t a big deal and I’ll be back to normal in a few weeks, and also because I did a Google-image search for ‘hand injury’ and it was disturbingly awful. This is small potatoes.



4 thoughts on “one-hand wonder

  1. I completely understand as I had a gangleon cyst removed on my right wrist a few years back while I was teaching. I for sure underestimated how much I used that hand during the day. I ended up having my students write on the board because my left handed hand writing was pathetic!! Ha. What kind of wrist surgery did you have? Hope it’s back to normal functioning soon!! Oh and major kudos on the huffington piece. Well done rockstar!

      1. I wondered if it was the same. It was awhile ago so my memory about it is faint, however for some reason the number 6 weeks is stuck in my head for when I felt back to normal and was full functioning. The soreness went away pretty quickly though. My wrist felt GREAT after that! 100% back to normal and I would say even more because the cyst was gone. The bummer was that I think I had the surgery too young because they say they can keep growing until your late twenties or so. After about 6 months a very small (much smaller than the one removed) grew back and I have not dealt with it since. It is not as debilitating and is not painful as my last one was. Hopefully due to yours coming out later you will have a 100% success story!!! Take it easy!

      2. Aww that’s encouraging news! I’ve had it for 6 years and lately it kept growing and was super painful and my hand was always numb. Glad you’re doing better now!

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