a post-surgery cloud of medicated glory

One of my favorite things in the world is to watch puppies play and frolic like mad, and then suddenly, conk out and collapse into a deep sleep, mid-spaz. Then they’ll suddenly awaken and immediately go full-tilt again, until again succumbing to a catatonic slumber.

That’s pretty much been my pattern this week, sans frolicking.

Bear in mind: I’m hunt-and-peck typing this in a post-surgery cloud of medicated glory. Excuse typos and tangents.

The marathon started last Thursday, when I boarded at 6 p.m. flight to Chicago after work. I was accompanying an executive to a TV taping the next day, and by “accompanying,” I mean playing the glorified role of corporate handler. I fly coach and carry my own bags, if that sheds any light on my glamorous image.

We got into Chi-town around 10. After I picked my jaw up off the ground at the sight of SO MUCH SNOW, I headed to a hotel in the city.


I enjoyed my hotel room immensely and wished I could’ve stayed in it for more than seven hours. But I digress.

The taping the next day went smoothly, which is not always the case in these types of scenarios, but certainly appreciated. I watched the student interns with a mixture of sympathy and nostalgia. It wasn’t that long ago I was in their shoes. Or was it?


I stayed a few extra days in Chicago to spend time with one of my best friends. Are there adequate words to explain how good it is to see an old friend? I don’t think so. All the corny analogies in the world can’t sum it up. And, she let me play interior designer and redo her living room.

I flew back to AZ and sunshine on Sunday afternoon and decided, after a hamburger, that Husband and I should go look at a house that came up for sale. Just because. And naturally we loved it. Our offer was in the next day.

It’s not looking like it wants us to own it, though, despite three counter offers. That’s ok – it’s the house’s loss.

Yesterday I had my second of many interviews as part of the process of joining the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters. It’s a long process, but an honor, and I can’t wait.

Then I took Bruno to the V-E-T. Furchild has an ear infection.


In the midst of all of this, I realized that an articles I wrote was picked up by Huff Post. I did the happy dance.


Then I received an email from the national bone marrow registry telling me I might be a match for a patient. I registered 11 years ago, in 2002, and knew the chances were slim I’d ever be a match for anyone, but lo and behold, it can happen. I followed up for an initial screening and it’ll be months before I know more (still a long shot) but my fingers are crossed. It would be my greatest honor to give someone the gift of health and a second chance. I would expect nothing less from strangers if I was sick or my loved ones needed a donor. Please think about joining.


Last night I got a pedicure, because pedicures are important. And then I worked out. And then I made cookies. And watched Argo.

Today I had surgery on my wrist, watched a LOT of television and caught up with one of my oldest, bestest friends tonight on her birthday.



3 thoughts on “a post-surgery cloud of medicated glory

  1. I love you enough to fill an over-sized envelope. thanks for helping me kick of this decade with style (….insight? humor? gratitude?). ,,XO,,

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