Free warm fuzzies, just read this.

I recently wrote about generosity, and how I’m trying to weave it more fluidly into my life. In order to do this, I first had to admit that I wasn’t being as generous as I could and should be. That was some uncomfortable soul searching. Not as uncomfortable as re-reading your high school yearbook inscriptions (maybe I did that this weekend, maybe I didn’t) but it worked out. So far, so good.

Today, I got an email from a dear friend. A friend I’ve known since the awkward days of junior high dances and gym-class uniforms, and who I’ve fortunately kept up with through the miracle of facebook and our blogs. I respect and admire her, and love her for her courage, compassion and gigantic heart. My efforts pale in comparison to the things she’s done and continues to do for others, and today her words warmed my heart.

Did I squeal with happiness in the confines of my cubicle when I read her email? Yeah, totally did.

It was exactly what I needed to hear on a long, long day. It restored my faith in humanity, and kindness, the same way the action itself likely did this for the people involved.

Yesterday I was at a red light and I saw a homeless man a few cars up. He had an eye patch on and a sign, but I didn’t even bother to read it, nor would I have been able to as he was too far away. I scrambled to find something in my car I could give him. I had just bought some cliff bars and as the homeless man walked towards my car I said, “I don’t have any money, but here are some Cliff Bars,” and handed him the entire box. The light had turned green and I didn’t want to hold up traffic so I kind of just grabbed the box and shoved it at him. I thought about giving him my red vines, but figured a granola bar is a little better than candy – and secretly I didn’t want to give up my red vines! Anyway, it made me think of you. I literally did have no money – maybe a few pennies, but I wanted to do SOMETHING for him. He thanked me before I drove away and I felt good about it. I love that you are giving to anyone who asks this year and I look forward to seeing how you feel at the end of the year. I imagine you’ll feel pretty pleased.


This is what it’s all about.

Acting with your heart. Doing what’s right. Just because. People helping people, without qualifying their needs or the long-term impact or anything that superfluous. Just being nice and doing good because it matters.

Give me your heart

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