here’s what’s up

It’s been an eventful few days full of my favorite places, activities and people. As usual, I find a certain level of amusement in the ordinary, and feel compelled to document my enjoyment of the little things. This fairly random stream of consciousness is what I’d tell a friend if we were sitting on my couch together right now …

I flew to San Francisco last Thursday at the crack of dawn, and came home 26 hours later. It was a good trip, that involved an impromptu visit with my cousin, getting completely lost when Google Maps stranded me at the French Consulate and consuming more caffeine within a 24-hour period than I usually can tolerate in a month.

It’s been rainy in Phoenix for a few days. That doesn’t sound like much, but we rarely see more than a half hour of precipitation here in the desert, so a true rainy day is something to be celebrated. Hot tea, cozy PJs and candles. And the most gorgeous sky and sunsets.
photo (1)

I bench pressed 90 pounds on Saturday. Yep. Jim spotted me and can vouch for this.

On Saturday night we went to an event at the Camelback Inn that involved demos by three famous chefs (then eating a plate of what each one had created), test driving new Buicks, and a crash course in wine. Completely random, completely ok.
photo (3)

My current favorite tv shows are Downton Abbey, Girls and The Mindy Project. And I can’t wait for Homeland and Mad Men to start again.

I ate two PBJs today. I have no idea what prompted this.

I’m reading this book right now, and while it came highly recommended by some favorite bloggers, I’m not loving it yet. Hoping to get more into it soon.

We started very casually looking at new houses. We love our current house, but would also like to have a bit more space, you know, for things we don’t need and perhaps a child one day. If the perfect property rears its head, we’ll pounce; it could be in a month, or in a year.

I’m so excited Anna is coming to visit again in a few weeks. We’ve managed to see each other quite a few times since she and Josh moved to Denver, but it’s not quite the same as being 20 minutes apart, so these visits make my heart happy.

I cooked turkey sliders tonight using a new recipe, and made buns from scratch. I felt WILDLY successful and a wee bit Amish.
photo (2)

My little sister and I went to a farmer’s market and then wandered through the Biltmore shopping center today. It’s amazing to see her grow up before my eyes and really come into her own.

In the past week, I’ve gone out socially with friends I met at three different jobs. I feel so freaking lucky to have had-and still have-such wonderful people as coworkers.

Oh, and I bought Jim a rocket ship tea diffuser today. Two weeks ago I inadvertently opened a limited-edition beer he’d been saving for five years, so there will be MANY steps gifts to gradually redeem myself.
photo (4)

… And that would probably be it.


2 thoughts on “here’s what’s up

  1. I was thinking about reading Wild. Have you read her other book? Tiny Beautiful Things? I’ve only read a few bits, but love the advice she gives.

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