I’m just saying.

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This Huffington Post headline made me laugh. And not for the reasons you might presume*

* I lean toward the left, I’m a woman, I’m awesome…


I laughed because I think it should’ve been written as follows:

2012 Election Showed Women with Functioning Brains Don’t Like Old Men Making Decisions that Impact their Reproductive Health

Or maybe:

2012 Election Reveals Few Non-Millionaires Give a Hoot about their Taxes

One more for good measure:

2012 Election Demonstrates that Women Have Progressed Since Biblical Times

K. I’m done now. This really isn’t an anti-Republican post, not at all. It’s a pro-women and pro-reality post.

I think this article is pretty awesome. In a very articulate way it elucidates that 2012 campaigners may have completely overlooked how their strategies would come across to an incredibly powerful and important demographic. They swung, but missed. Working in communications for nearly a decade has engrained one solid truth into my brain that seems to have been neglected here: Never, ever, forget to consider your audience.

The most perfectly orchestrated message in the world can crash, burn and offend if it’s not delivered in a way that makes sense to the target recipients. While there are hundreds of factors that go into the development of campaign strategies, and even more that play into how people make voting decisions, I think it’s interesting to consider what could’ve happened if the approach was tweaked.

The article accompanying this headline is interesting and well written, and worth a read. Here’s an excerpt:

“As Republicans dust off their Election Day drubbing last month, their party must confront the reality that the ranks of unmarried women are growing rapidly, and these voters overwhelmingly have backed Democrats for decades.

Women increasingly are graduating from college and joining the workforce, and postponing marriage. From 2000 to 2010, the number of unmarried women increased 18 percent, according to census data.

Republicans have spent the past month tallying up all their demographic weak spots, including with Hispanics and Asian-Americans. But some warn that single women, already one-quarter of the electorate, represent the most serious threat to the party’s viability.”


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