In high school, if a group of girls raved about a song or movie or tv show I had zero interest in, I’d still have to subject myself to it, immediately, to feel accepted. Then I’d probably pretend to like it.

I realized this evening that I don’t have to do this anymore. I’m free!

I mean, I haven’t felt the adolescent compulsion to conform for many years now, but I hadn’t really thought about how completely fantastic this is until tonight.

Getting older and departing from the world beyond high school hallways has many magical qualities, not the least of which is no longer having to have straight blonde hair or watch crappy television to feel valued.


3 thoughts on “relief.

  1. It’s great huh?! My favorite part about graduating from high school and all of the petty BS that goes along with it was being able to eat by myself at a cafe or lunchroom and not feel like EVERYONE was staring at me! I really enjoy being alone sometimes and not having to socialize while eating (so introverted haha). And we all know that eating alone inside the walls of a high school is so NOT okay. Ugh, I wouldn’t go back for anything!

  2. In retrospect, high school was pretty horrific! I hated it then and now that I look back I think I hated it for all of the wrong reasons. But I think now I hate it for all of the right reasons like this ^.

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