45 Hours in San Francisco

I spent almost two days in San Fran last week and while I’ve been there a few times, this was my first chance to stay in the heart of the city. I was largely overwhelmed by everything happening around me, at all times, but had fun getting to explore a bit while visiting our SF office. A top 10 list is a requirement:

1. The massive Occupy anniversary parade/protest/spectacle.

2. Trying, unsuccessfully, to hail a cab with my boss at rush hour for 30 minutes, before ultimately walking to our hotel.

3. Dinner and a walking tour with my buddy Casey – that included a tour of the Bleacher Report offices which made me insanely jealous of his job.

4. Creating a Starbucks alias. I have never liked Starbucks and I probably never will, but it felt like the cool urban thing to do.

5. Visiting an Old Navy flagship store. OMG.

6. Enjoying the scenery by taxi. (I did not, however, enjoy when the trunk of a taxi closed on my hand as I took my luggage out. It’s still bruised.)

7. Learning about how my SF coworkers get to and from work which sounds like the Urban version of the Olympics. Absolute madness. Check this out.

8. The portabella mushroom soup at this restaurant was life-changing.

9. The smorgasbord of cereal and flavored sparkling water at the office.

10. Using Jim’s iPad to Facetime with Bruno.

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