28 Hours in Colorado

I found out at 10 a.m. on Wednesday that I would be flying to Denver at 9 the following morning. While I’m generally an obsessive planner, my OCD tendencies have fortunately never applied to travel. It was a speedy visit but here are my top 10 highlights:

1. Getting to spend two hours with my best friend at her brand new house with her brand new dog and semi-new husband.

2. My rental car. I selected ‘standard sedan’ but ended up with this!

3. Being in non-humid and non-sweltering weather.

4. Watching Seinfeld.

5. Eating Arby’s curly fries. Does anything beat curly fries, really??

6. Getting completely lost driving to the campus I was visiting…not necessarily a highlight, but hysterical in retrospect. I circled the airport for about 30 minutes like a hamster on a wheel before figuring out how to escape.

7. Being completely energized and inspired by a new group of coworkers who are so passionate about what we do.

8. Taking part in a covert TSA line-waiting operation.

9. Eating a chocolate croissant and French onion soup for lunch at the airport.

10. The absolute coolest, trendiest and most IKEA-esque hotel suite ever.


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