moving forward

Lots of times life throws unexpected curve balls at us. Things we’d never expect that bring us to our knees and rock us to the core. Other times, there are hard things that we know are coming – challenges we can anticipate and prepare for – and it’s hard to say if one is better than the other.

Quick like a band-aid, or slow and methodical. Either way, when it hurts, it hurts.

I know tomorrow is going to be a hard day. An introspective day. A day full of emotions.

I’m anxious thinking about it, and after trying all different ways of preparing myself, none of which worked, I’ve decided I’m just going to approach it openly, with a calm heart and a conscious awareness of what I’m feeling.

I’ve often reflected on the fact that although writing is more often a fun release for me, it’s also the best way for me to process what I’m feeling. I was just looking back at something I wrote a year ago this week, and while it stirred up some feelings of sadness, it also gave me an overwhelming sense of relief. Comfort in the cyclical nature of life and human resilience. The knowledge that despite the worst unfair circumstances, we move forward.

2 thoughts on “moving forward

  1. Jessica.. I think it must take a great leap of faith to write from the heart, sharing your feelings and thoughts as openly as you do with an unseen audience. You are undoubtedly touching the hearts and minds of many with your words, mine included! I am so glad I found your site! I hope that all goes well with whatever challenges you face tomorrow and the end of the day brings you peace. Thank you so much for sharing your gift!

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