heeeeey sexy lady

I don’t know which is funnier: the original Gangnam Style video, or watching random teenagers react to it.

I just watched both of these videos, and despite having no idea what’s happening in either of them, I think they’re both hysterical.

I am so, SO excited that I’m attending a few weddings coming up over the next couple of months where I can showcase my newly acquired smashing K-Pop dance moves.

Just goes to show you that over-the-top dancing, neon lights and techno beats transcend all cultural boundaries.


give a little, get a lot

I spent all day on Tuesday at an ASU Career Connections event, a way for college students to learn about different professions from people working in the field. I initially volunteered for this several months ago, in the spirit of mentorship, but by the time it rolled around this week I admit I was far from thrilled. It’s been a crazy few weeks and being out of the office all day was a pain. Nevertheless, as I made the familiar drive to campus – the same campus where I spent four incredible years – I felt myself getting more excited.

I arrived feeling apprehensive – much like the freshmen that meandered into the event throughout the day – and quickly found my assigned seat. I noted that I’d be sharing my table with someone else, and that she was an editor, but didn’t think much of it. Little did I know I was about to make as valuable a connection as the students.

It turns out my tablemate was fantastic. We spent both sessions and lunch chatting like old friends, sharing family stories, professional anecdotes and college memories, while simultaneously delivering assorted insights to 18-year-old students. I can’t remember the last time I felt so comfortable with a total stranger, and I am honored to now call Mary a friend. I was so touched to receive a note in the mail from her today, and look forward to many more conversations.

Fall, is that you?

I’ve written a bit about longing for fall. Or anything but summer, really. I know Arizonans get perfect weather eight months a year, but our summers are something to be endured, not enjoyed. At any rate, I spent last weekend burning pumpkin candles, baking bread, buying new sweatpants “just because,” and then obsessing over holiday decorating ideas on Pinterest.

I take solace in knowing that as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, it will get down into the 40s in just a few short months. I’ll be jumping for joy in my fuzzy PJs, while sipping hot cocoa and shivering. And it will be fantastic.

Although if I was a betting man, I’d put my money on the fact that by the time next March rolls around, I’ll be dying to wear sundresses and flip flops, and thanking my lucky stars I’m not facing weeks of shoveling snow and scraping ice off my windshield.

But that is then and this is now and all I want is fall.

One of my favorite writers, who lives in Florida, described the same phenomena in a recent post, and I love how she sums up her positive embrace of non-typical temps:

“I’m going to both enjoy what we have and create what we don’t have. It’s my specialty. How silly of me to have forgotten.”

Mr. Forbes

PS: I met** Steve Forbes a week ago.

**invited myself to an event and snuck into the VIP area to meet Steve and give him a fan letter

I’m a huge fan of this guy, and he couldn’t have been any nicer. He even maintained a smile amidst my crazed stammering about his influence on journalism and my career. I told him I was honored to have been published on his sites and we got to chat for a few minutes before his handler whisked him away.

45 Hours in San Francisco

I spent almost two days in San Fran last week and while I’ve been there a few times, this was my first chance to stay in the heart of the city. I was largely overwhelmed by everything happening around me, at all times, but had fun getting to explore a bit while visiting our SF office. A top 10 list is a requirement:

1. The massive Occupy anniversary parade/protest/spectacle.

2. Trying, unsuccessfully, to hail a cab with my boss at rush hour for 30 minutes, before ultimately walking to our hotel.

3. Dinner and a walking tour with my buddy Casey – that included a tour of the Bleacher Report offices which made me insanely jealous of his job.

4. Creating a Starbucks alias. I have never liked Starbucks and I probably never will, but it felt like the cool urban thing to do.

5. Visiting an Old Navy flagship store. OMG.

6. Enjoying the scenery by taxi. (I did not, however, enjoy when the trunk of a taxi closed on my hand as I took my luggage out. It’s still bruised.)

7. Learning about how my SF coworkers get to and from work which sounds like the Urban version of the Olympics. Absolute madness. Check this out.

8. The portabella mushroom soup at this restaurant was life-changing.

9. The smorgasbord of cereal and flavored sparkling water at the office.

10. Using Jim’s iPad to Facetime with Bruno.

28 Hours in Colorado

I found out at 10 a.m. on Wednesday that I would be flying to Denver at 9 the following morning. While I’m generally an obsessive planner, my OCD tendencies have fortunately never applied to travel. It was a speedy visit but here are my top 10 highlights:

1. Getting to spend two hours with my best friend at her brand new house with her brand new dog and semi-new husband.

2. My rental car. I selected ‘standard sedan’ but ended up with this!

3. Being in non-humid and non-sweltering weather.

4. Watching Seinfeld.

5. Eating Arby’s curly fries. Does anything beat curly fries, really??

6. Getting completely lost driving to the campus I was visiting…not necessarily a highlight, but hysterical in retrospect. I circled the airport for about 30 minutes like a hamster on a wheel before figuring out how to escape.

7. Being completely energized and inspired by a new group of coworkers who are so passionate about what we do.

8. Taking part in a covert TSA line-waiting operation.

9. Eating a chocolate croissant and French onion soup for lunch at the airport.

10. The absolute coolest, trendiest and most IKEA-esque hotel suite ever.