Dear Winter, I miss you.

So, newsflash.

It’s this time of year that most Arizonans have become mentally and physically burned out. Officially.

Our summers are always intense, and by mid-August, it’s only half over. The heat starts in May and we aren’t in the clear until Halloween. Fortunately, the period from November through April boasts near-perfect temps, or there would be a lot of hot people most certainly losing their minds.

Today broke records at a high of 112 degrees. Tomorrow’s prediction is 115. For those of you outside the Grand Canyon State, those meteorological numbers speak for ‘really freaking hot’ in English.

There’s no cool water in the shower.

Getting into a parked car is like entering a furnace.

The pavement is too hot to walk the dogs during daylight hours.

So, yeah. I’m ready for winter.

I’m craving the change of seasons, and everything it will bring. Cocoa, fireplaces, holidays, baking, flannel pjs and pumpkin-flavored everything.

The funny thing is, I hate being cold. (Cold is anything below 70 degrees.) Yet right now the prospect of winter is so alluring I can hardly stand it. I can’t wait for cooler weather and the ability to go outside without risk of heat stroke.

More than anything, winter brings the feeling of being cozy. And cozy trumps sweaty.

2 thoughts on “Dear Winter, I miss you.

  1. wow— I never thought about the cold water in showers not being cold. I think I’ll
    stay in New England—- at least In the summe!

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