one more nugget

Hey there, how’s it going?

Me? I’m good. Although apparently I’m still not over my chicken nugget rants.

All week, I saw people posting on social channels, mostly Facebook, about their support for or disgust toward Chick-Fil-A, based on recently publicized remarks that it supports only biblical marriage between a man and a woman, and makes donations to organizations who do some not-so-inclusive things.

Throughout the week, whenever I saw people pledging support for the chicken chain, I bit my tongue. I resisted any direct comments to these folks out of respect for their beliefs (and a lack of interest in a passive-aggressive online battle).

As I pondered how to voice what I was feeling, someone beat me to it, quite well. (As a writer, I both love and hate when this happens.) Anyway, I think that those of you who are still reading will really appreciate this piece.

The gist of Connor Gaughan’s incredible essay is that this debate isn’t about chicken sandwiches. It’s about discrimination – the real kind – that has big consequences for real people.

“[…] Growing up is never easy. But, teenagers who grow up gay are four times more likely to take their own lives. No, that has nothing to do with our sexuality on its own — suicide rates are lower where gay kids are accepted. It’s because our institutions, and all to often the adults in our lives, tell us we’re not as good as our straight peers. In 29 states, it is legal for an employer to fire me for who I am. In 31 states, leaders and voters have told me that I am not worthy of the fundamental human right to marry. You want to marry because you love your Mr. Right; I have no rights to do the same. And, the consequences of this inequality are terrifying and real. For example, I can be denied access to my loved one on his deathbed. There are over 1,100 other rights that I am denied. When gays get so angry about a chicken sandwich, it is because Chick-fil-A has given around $5 million to fight to discriminate against us.” -Connor Gaughan


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