How I Know I’m Getting Older

1. There are save the dates, wedding invitations and baby announcements all over my house. I don’t have enough fridge real estate for the influx.

2. I have an abundance of brunch plans.

3. It can take upwards of five weeks to get a group of girlfriends together because we’re all so busy doing who knows what.

4. I own cleaning products designed specifically for dusting.

5. I make phone dates with out of town friends.

6. I keep heartburn medication and advil in my purse.

7. Hangovers last two days.

8. I’m horrified by the fact that 16-year-olds can drive.

9. Every joint in my body cracks like a creepy symphony each morning.

10. The amount of hand-me-down and IKEA furniture in the house is gradually dwindling.

2 thoughts on “How I Know I’m Getting Older

  1. ahhh…it’s only just begun! You’ll be doing all sorts of things as you get older that you once thought were stupid or crazy!! Love to you and Jim!! Aunt Diane

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