Why I’m That Girl.

1. I’ve never seen Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing or Footloose. I know. I KNOW.

2. I think ketchup should be its own food group.

3. I do not understand the rules of football, not a lick.

4. Watching 30 Rock makes me wish I worked in television. Outside of these times I never, ever wish I worked in television.

5. I only like sandwiches and scrambled eggs if Jim makes them.

6. Muffin or bagel? Bagel. Taco or burrito? Burrito. Hard cover or soft cover? Kindle.

7. Local television news gives mes severe anxiety, regardless of the city.

8. My best friend Amy and I essentially invented twitter in the ninth grade. It’s a long story, but our geometry teacher will vouch for us.

9. I can only type correctly with my left hand. My right hand hunts and pecks. Chew on that.

10. I do not share dessert.


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