the best things

Have you seen this list yet? It’s great.

And it prompted me to create my own version, for a dear friend. Ms. Ander, in honor of your upcoming wedding, here’s a list of my favorite things based exclusively on our friendship.

1. Pulling through am empty parking spot into another so you don’t have to reverse when you leave.
2. Making nachos at home after a night out drinking.
3. Photo montages.
4. Getting into a car with new car smell, or great turn-signal sound.
5. Deep cleaning your house.
6. Getting something unexpectedly in the mail.
7. Listening to the sound of people typing methodically.
8. Back scratches.
9. Oregano’s pizookie.
10. Screaming the lyrics of Holler Back Girls together, walking down the street.

11. Popping champagne.
12. Video text messages.
13. Having your hair straightened perfectly.
14. Going to get sushi. *Even when your best friend drives away without you, after you were running late, to ‘teach you a lesson.’15. Watching TV on the couch in sweats. All day. *Includes crying during episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.
16. Being asked to be in a best friend’s wedding.
17. Deep talks.
18. Scaling cement walls in Las Vegas. 19. Eating a really good meal.
20. Laughing so hard you pee.
21. Big hugs.
22. Having emotional sing-a-longs to Journey songs.
23. Accidentally shop lifting on Yom Kippur.
24. Accidentally getting kidnapped in Mexico.
25. Being there for each other, through all the good and all the crap, over so many years of adventures.

PS – I love you, and you’re getting married in TWO WEEKS! xo

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