“so good”

I love my brother for lots and lots of reasons. One of the more bizarre ones is that everyday, without fail, he sends me an email with a link to something interesting, that I never would’ve come across on my own. I think it’s his personal commitment to ensure I stay intelligent and cool.

Sometimes he’ll send news articles on how nauseating AZ politics are, or why I shouldn’t drink out of plastic water bottles…sometimes it’s a time-lapsed video of the earth from space (he’s a self-proclaimed time-lapse video nerd…yeah, those exist)…and other times it’s an obscene joke or new album I should download.

This week I got an email with the subject line, “so good.”

So like a jerk, I waited three days to actually sit down and watch the video – because I’m really busy and important and whatnot. But when I finally watched it today I was riveted. RIVETED.

This makes me so happy. It makes me want to dance around, dressed as a hipster teenager. And I’ve now watched it four times.

I recommend you take three minutes and 26 seconds to watch it, too. You’ll be snapping your fingers and smiling after. Promise.


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