If Mad Men Was Real Life

If Mad Men was real life, here are the things I would love:

1. The women are classy. So damn classy. They are beautiful and sexy without any cleavage or tush on display. They are subtly powerful and delightfully refined. No hair pulling or foul language, just perfectly set hair, gorgeous red lipstick and meticulously tailored dresses. I want to dress up just to watch the show.

2. There is a lot of booze and napping on couches at the office. I honestly don’t know how this would work out in my current workplace, but it’s definitely a point to ponder — the secret to how people were essentially always working with a smile had to be the napping and cocktails. This I guarantee.

3. Everything got done without cell phones or computers. People got up, walked across the floor and spoke to each other. It seems dynamo. And like a much nicer way to interact and do business. Sure, it inhibits the whole global marketplace idea, but there are telegrams for that.

4. Men with fantastic manners. I guess opening doors and holding elevators is still commonplace. But to have all the men in a room stand up any time I entered might be a nice touch, too.

There also are some things I don’t like so much. So here’s what would have to go if the show ever was to become my real life:

1. Cigarettes are yucky. But they’re all over this show…sometimes I cough just from watching. I don’t think people in the 1960s understood there was TAR in them and they make you die.

2. The glass ceiling was more like a concrete fortress. I mean — I guess I wouldn’t have time to work anyway, since I’d be so busy putting up my hair, wearing beautiful dresses and waiting for men to stand up when I entered room, but it’d be nice to have the option.

3. Times were tough. We think we have it bad now, but it was an entirely different era. Wars defined the way people acted and there were fewer freedoms than we’re blessed with today. (Although people really valued what we had fought for though – that I like.)

4. Deadbeat Dads. Men were responsible for about 2-percent of parenting duties, which seems dreadfully unfair. I know, I know, the beautifully dressed mothers seemed to have more time, since the glass ceiling kept them from working, but still – totally unfair. Especially since there were no video games to babysit said children in moments of temporary insanity.



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