some things are ironic

This is ironic:

Ten years ago, if I called my parents from my dorm, I had to preface any negative pronouncement with, “I have some bad news, but I’m not pregnant.”

Now, when I call them with exciting news, I still have to preface it with the same disclaimer: “I have some great news…no, I’m not pregnant.”

My, how things change.

Here’s what else is ironic…

Six months or so ago, I decided I wanted to have my writing published. I didn’t care where or when, but my ultimate goal was to forcefully subject more poor souls to reading my banter.

I really didn’t know how to start the process, but some searching online led me to an interesting list: Forbes Top 100 Websites for Women. My goal was then specified: I want to be published on one of these sites. I don’t care about the rankings, this is my only criteria. A lot of writing and emails later, I’d successfully landed content on several of the sites: Betty Confidential, LearnVest, The Daily Muse and Yahoo! Shine – plus, several pieces on Forbes itself.

But little did I know that within a few more months, I would have an article posted on Forbes that ranked as the number one most-read article. As of this minute it has more than 90,500 views.

I die.


How does this happen? I’d like to credit myself with magnanimous writing skills and dynamite connections – but in truth – I know I had a little luck on my side. And social media helps.

The coolest part of all of this isn’t the money (since I get nada from it) or the fame (who am I kidding – it’ll be another person in the spotlight tomorrow). It’s the fact that I get so much support and encouragement from family, friends, coworkers and strangers, and you’re all there to celebrate every little victory.

So, here’s to you – thanks for reading.


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