“These are My Confessions”

That quote in the title isn’t from a profound philosopher. No. Actually, it’s from Usher. You know – the famed American singer, dancer and actor – and artist who performed the classic ballads “Pop Ya Collar” and “Lil Freak.”

What does Usher have to do with this post?

Nothing. But I can’t get that song out of my head, and thought this was a funny way to start it. And if by chance you’re still reading, then maybe you, too, are a fan of bad songs from the early 2000s.


There are a lot of things I think and feel, quite passionately, that I don’t share through my writing. When I started this blog five years ago, no one knew it existed, and I wrote purely for myself. Then, I got some kind encouragement from friends and family, and I took the plunge of inviting other people to read my nonsense. Now, hundreds and hundreds of people visit this site each week, and my words are all over the damn web.

I’m entirely grateful for the support and for the many interactions and new people I’ve met, all through writing about (let’s be honest) pretty silly things. But sometimes, I get pangs of wanting to share more, clouded by concern that I might share too much, get too personal or offend someone. Lately, this has grown stronger; and I’ve felt a bit torn.

I’ve resisted ever making this blog about any one thing — which is the most basic principle in terms of gaining and keeping followers — and I’ve continued with a mishmash of topics. I’ve also never tried to monetize the blog with ads, or been paid for anything I’ve written. Writing is my own cathartic release, and if I censor myself, I think I’m cheating just a bit.

So, after that prolonged introduction, I’ve decided that the tide is turning, and I’m going to start sharing more personally from time to time. Don’t worry, I won’t divulge anything too dark or disturbing, but I am still a little worried about what some of you may think. But — nothing ventured, nothing gained; and you don’t have to read on. But if you do, I hope you enjoy.

On that note, here’s a video I can’t wait to share…such a happy and beautiful story. Grab a kleenex and watch the whole thing.

Oh, and speaking of things I’m passionate about, gay rights are up at the top of the list. I have a hard time even breathing when I think about the fact that there are individuals out there who don’t think all people deserve equal rights. Absolutely absurdifying.


One thought on ““These are My Confessions”

  1. Always a tough call on how much to open up but give it a go and start slow. Play it by ear. If you aren’t comfy with something don’t do it. But save it for sure because you may want it later.

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