A Hint of Amish

Tonight I was feeling a little bit Amish. Didn’t wanna watch TV. No attention span for my kindle. Still hot and cold with facebook.


I channeled my inner Amish and made homemade granola bars. Without a recipe.

I am my own hero, really.

I don’t like using recipes when I cook because it allows more flexibility for failure. Not that I want to fail, but if you follow a recipe exactly and it tastes terrible, you have no excuse. At least with my rogue methods I can be pleasantly surprised with any hint of success.

I pureed three small apples in the food processor and added some TJs blueberry muesli, Quaker quick oats, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla protein powder. I used a tiny bit of corn oil (would’ve used more but full disclosure – it was expired and frightened me a little). I measured none of this (nervous chuckle).

I mixed it all up (does anyone really blend wet and dry ingredients separately?) and baked them on a greased cookie sheet for 15 minutes at 325.

The result was delicious. A slightly chewy, apple-flavored treat. Not too sweet and not too shabby. And, based on my imaginary calculations, they’re pretty healthy.

Now to make noodles and raise a barn…


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