What I Learned When I Quit Facebook

Another article I wrote for The Daily Muse was picked up by Forbes and I’ve gotten a ton of comments and tweets from strangers on this one. I love getting this kind of interaction.

As a newish blogger, it’s crazy to see more than 5,000 views and hundreds of shares on something you wrote. Great reminder of how the internet can make our giant world seem so connected. You can see the article here and here.


One thought on “What I Learned When I Quit Facebook

  1. Hello there Jessica!

    First of all, I love the blog in general – it’s really great stuff! I came across this blog on thedailymuse.com, and I wanted to use it in an upcoming article I’m writing regarding Facebook, however, I thought instead of using you as a source you might want to let us use the article in its entirety?

    What are your thoughts?

    Obviously you would retain all authorship rights (I have some guest contributors that we’ve used in the past – I will gladly send you the links via email so as not to either get THIS message sent to spam or bog your server and site down), so it would essentially just live on our site, or alternatively we could take a direct excerpt with a “[Read more…]” link at the end?

    Again, if you’ll email me at cdugan@everwideningcircles.com or even call me at (802) 782-1000 (I’m in the office a lot but I don’t have service at home, so just leave a message if need be) so we can discuss my request I would be greatly appreciative. Please note that I the article I’m finishing up is queued for Tuesday, August 19, 2014, so if I haven’t heard from you around Monday afternoon I’ll have to get it ready without your article… however I completely understand if you don’t have time and/or desire to get back to me before then.

    Also, once more, thank you for sharing this great blog with the world!

    Best wishes,
    Christopher M Dugan

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