This is one of the strangest rambles I've ever written. Don't care.

My brother is a music person. My husband is a music person. My colleague Len? A music person. I’ve never been one.

I mean I LOVE music – almost all of it. Who doesn’t. But I’ve never been one to memorize artist facts. I never follow the newest, most popular bands. And I’m hopeless at identifying who sings classic songs…This is The Clash, DUH.

I dig indie bands and I like N’SYNC. I go gangster with Wu-Tang and rock out to Beyonce.

But. If I had to pick my favorite band/singer/song/etc, it all goes to Nate Ruess and his bands.

Beginning in college, The Format became a band I loved. For the first time, I knew every word to every song on an album, and listened to these songs whether I was happy, sad or something in between. Music makes strong associations with memories and stages of life, and if I had to link any melodies to my four years at ASU, The Format wins by a mile. The album I bought in 2003 has never left the CD player in either of the past two cars I’ve owned.

But – like so many good things – the band split a few years ago. Naturally devastated, I donned sweatpants and mourned appropriately. But then I quickly bounced back to euphoria when my step-sister, Sami, told me that Nate had started a new venture, fun. Happydance JOY time.

I’ve followed and come to love this new band, and when I heard their song in a Super Bowl ad this year, it reignited my love for Nate’s music. Time stood still. Angels flew overheard. I got the giddy stomach feeling and completely zoned out. Oh, and this ad? It also featured Rob Drydek – a real life super human and another personal obsession. But that’s for another post.

But I don’t know if it’s even fair to say, “I love this music,” or “I love this band.” It’s not enough and I don’t know what that means. What I do know is that this music ignites something in me. It stirs an energy. It’s comfortable and inspiring.

Tonight things got a little ironic. I went on facebook (we’re not back together, just dating casually) and saw that Heather – a friend and our engagement photographer – had posted a link to one of the band’s videos. Did I mention she’s met him? Sigh. Well I watched, completely enthralled, and got re-lost in the zone described so nauseatingly above. I decided to look at their tour dates, and had a SPASM when I saw they were performing in Chandler TONIGHT.


In a mad rush to put my shoes on, I called the venue for directions and found out I MISSED IT.

I missed it, missed it, missed it.

My dogs can attest that there were a few tears and expletives.

But that’s ok. They’re in Tucson next month and in Mesa around my birthday. Going.

In the meantime, enjoy these:



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