Having a Day

It never ceases to amaze me how similar females can be – despite the differences you might initially observe. Sure, there are introverts and extroverts, blondes and brunettes – and I may be going out on a limb here – but I really do feel that at the core, we’re all the same, us gals. But in a good way, that brings us together and makes us a powerful force.

Last Friday, I was sitting at the airport waiting for a flight, when a woman girl my age plopped into the seat next to me and spontaneously burst into tears. I’m not especially good with criers, despite being quite an accomplished one myself, but this particular crier was in too close proximity for my awkwardness to let me be a jerk. So I asked what was wrong and if she needed anything.

We were perfect strangers, but I could tell just by looking that she was having a day. You know, A DAY. Where everything goes wrong and you feel alone and sad and just want to give up. As a two-year-old, we would scream and throw things, but as adults we often bottle this stuff up. Or, we cry at airports.

She told me her story, and it really was a day from hell; the least of it being when her iPhone fell in the toilet before she’d come to sit next to me. But as we talked, for 45-minutes before even exchanging names, it became clear to me that I’ve been in her situation many times. And sometimes, all it takes is someone listening, without judging, to make us feel ok again.

I think we all have our fair share of feeling more pulled apart than put together, and I’ve found it’s often the ability to relate to someone that makes us feel normal again. Knowing that someone else has felt the way we’re feeling when we’re low, gives us reassurance that we’ll end up on top again.

I love the way women provide this reassurance to each other, regardless of our age, occupation or tax bracket.

And sure enough, as soon as we reassure another troubled soul, we’ll wind up back in our own chaos, looking to receive the same sort of advice we just imparted. It’s a beautiful mess and I’m just thankful to be along for the ride.

“Hi Jessica, I wanted to thank you again for helping me out so much at the airport. You seriously saved me and helped me to calm down so much! Hope you had a blast in Vegas. If you’re ever in town again, we’ll have to grab drinks… No crying on my part and my phone is definitely not allowed in the bathroom.”

2 thoughts on “Having a Day

  1. I love this because it’s so true. Thanks for the reminder. Knowing that this world isn’t full of “Mean
    Girls” is comforting. Us women need to stick together more often!

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