“Sarcasm, Snarkiness and Sliming”

A recent npr.org article delves into the current Republican primaries and the associated nastiness.

Author Linton Weeks sums it up perfectly with this quote, “There is more slime being slung back and forth among candidates today than in Ghostbusters II. Maybe we should just rename the whole thing the Slimary Process.”

And I can’t help but draw the following two conclusions:

1. These potential candidates are breaking every rule we learn as children. They’re name-calling, lying and shouting. They’re hurting others’ feelings and unfairly vying for attention. And so, it’s hard to consider electing someone to run our country – regardless of the party he represents – who demonstrates the ethical ambition of a small child. A small, mean child who could benefit from a time-out.

2. The way these candidates market themselves and their campaigns does very little to garner support. I’m so turned off by the malicious nature of the ads that I can’t see past the billowing cloud of negativity. Sure, there are polling and marketing researchers who earn millions debating the exact nature in which to promote a candidate, but have they lost all common sense? Mean people suck – and mean politicians are just plain frightening.

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