Thanks for the memories, craigslist

I drove this exact make, model, year and color from 1999 to 2004, until it one day started smoking at 162K miles, and never started again. Loved this little tank and also the fact that I’m still driving a Volvo.

Little-known fact: there was a point in time where my mother, father, brother and I ALL drove these Swedish beasts.

I am highly tempted to buy this and store it, and make my children drive it one day.


2 thoughts on “Thanks for the memories, craigslist

  1. I too drove a Volvo in high school. It was a 1980 and wouldn’t start when it was too hot out. So that was pretty sweet in Tucson. But it was a great car and a few years after I left for college that car saved my dads life in a car accident, so even more reason to have a special spot in my heart for Volvos 🙂

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