soul something or other

When I was 14, I was fairly certain that Leonardo DiCaprio was my soul mate. I had never met him, but as I watched Titanic time after time, I felt something really click between the two of us. When you’re in eight grade, the search for a soul mate can be fulfilled with a movie star obsession. Fortunately for me, since things with Leo weren’t really panning out, my definition of a soul mate evolved as I grew older.

I say evolved, because I’m still not sure I have a resolute definition of what this means. On a traditional level, I know that Jim is my soul mate. He is my best friend – the person I connect with more closely than any other.

But from a less traditional perspective, I feel like there needs to be another term for the people in your life, apart from your partner, that help make you who you are. The special connections that we form with people who play various roles in our lives – or no real role at all – but have a unique influence on our existence. Maybe not soul mates, but soul fillers? I’d like to think that each of these special connections is its own soul something or other.

My friend Ceiba described this idea beautifully tonight: Souls-mates aren’t just the people you marry. My parents are two of my soul mates. I believe that my soul is made up of a plethora of soul-mates. They complete my being. I wasn’t supposed to be adopted by anyone else. I was born to be with them…Here’s what I believed SOUL-MATES meant long before I even knew the word…When I laid my head on my mother’s heart as child, I could feel her love pouring through me like it was where I was born. That feeling must be what the word “soul-mate” meant. And since then I have come in contact with other people that wash over me and forever become a part of me for no reason at all. They just make me feel, well, home.


One thought on “soul something or other

  1. Jessica–I don’t know you every well but if I did, I think you could be a “soul something or other” for me. I love your writings.

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