perspective shaping

I’ve been thinking a lot about why it takes such significant events to redirect our perspective. We’re all taught to count our blessings, be grateful and appreciate what we have – but until a wrench is thrown into our routines – it’s incredibly challenging to do this consistently. Yet when we’re faced with something that shocks our systems and throws us off course, we’re able to temporarily reset, and live more purposefully.

When a life is taken or threatened, it generates an appreciation for living unlike anything else. It makes us realize that the majority of our worries and concerns are frivolous, and that we’re far too consumed with day-to-day tasks. We might realize we’re taking people and things for granted, and vow to change how we live.

But I’ve found that all too soon, things start to drift back to normal, and we transition right back to living the way we did before.

In a way this is amazing; that we can overcome such life-altering experiences and then somehow return to our lives, functioning as we were accustomed. It’s this poignant ‘getting back to normal’ that helps us process emotions and tangibly feel that we’re moving forward. But it’s also alarming, that this newfound clarity and perspective can be so strong at one point, then slowly dissipate back into trivial worries.

It’s fascinating. The human spirit has an uncanny ability to persevere despite unfathomable obstacles, and surpass even the most traumatic and challenging events. I just wish there was a way we could maintain the right perspective without waiting for tragedy to redirect us.


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