i forgot my password

I often find myself cracking up when I forget a password to an online site because the questions they ask are so random. But then I undoubtedly wind up angry at the robotic prompts that demand to know my favorite vacation town, the street I grew up on and the model of my first car.

I think I have 75,012 passwords, for every site I’ve ever used. Even with a great memory, it would be impossible to remember them all.

I’ve come to the conclusion that a quality board game could be derived from the security questions used on major websites.

It could be called Security Breach. Or maybe Codebreaker?

In my head, the game involves a Monopoly-like board, with different challenges, based on which password you forgot and why.

For example: If you forgot your online banking password, you might receive an insufficient funds penalty and move back five spaces. And if you forgot your hotmail password, you would be docked for a lack of correspondence and forced to pay $200 to the banker password keeper.

There also would be opportunities to guess other peoples’ security answers, so the game is best played with people you know.

You win by reaching the center of the board first, the reset zone.

Katie B. – can we patent this!?


One thought on “i forgot my password

  1. Ha ha. This is so true. Sounds like you need lastpass.com. Austin told me about it a few years ago and it has saved my life when it comes to passwords. Check it out girl! Hope you are doing well.

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