supersonic sticker gun

I’ve always had this fantasy while driving that my car is equipped with a supersonic sticker gun. I would have the ability to shoot stickers at other cars based on their behavior. These wouldn’t be any normal stickers, but extra strength sticky stickers, that could never be removed. There are an infinite number of possible captions, but here are a few I’d like to include in the basic set: “I drive like a jerk to save 12 seconds on my commute,” “I was caught texting and driving” and “Apparently I have no turn signals.” In said fantasy, any time I witness someone do something absurdly dangerous, I could instantly fire a super sticker at them, memorializing the transgression for all to see. The scarlet letter of bad driving. The best part is that within this elaborate daydream the rules of tag apply; you get tagged and you’re out. Off the road!

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