reading material

Just finished this hysterical book. It’s a quick read and will make you feel like some of your strangest childhood memories aren’t really that strange.
Now onto this one. I’m 11 pages in and already scared.
I recently got a library card for the first time since I was nine. I am completely overwhelmed by the digital functionality of libraries and felt like I had slept through several decades when I was faced with online hold requests and electronic self checkout.


2 thoughts on “reading material

  1. From what I remember of the Devil in the White City, it starts off ok, then gets reeeaally boring. Maybe it was just me. That wasn’t my favorite book, seemed to take me awhile to get through since I wasn’t that into it. I would have liked to know more about the guy, was he a doctor? Its been awhile since I read it, but those stories are what made it good and interesting.

  2. I love the library and my online access.

    You just recommended “A Girl Named Zippy” , and within seconds I electronically requested the book on CD’s from the town next door. I will get an email alert , probably Tuesday, saying the CD’s are on hold for me at our library. I could have gotten the book– but opted for the CD’s to listen to in the car.

    Jim and I just watched the DVD, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and loved it. So I then went onto our library site and electronically requested the next DVD in the trilogy — The Girl who played with Fire!!

    And I love the way the library will email me reminders of items due in two days, and then
    give me a chance to renew items online.

    Over and out


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