Happy Birthday Jim!

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband and best friend. You are the most amazing and inspiring person I know and I am blessed to be your wife.

At our wedding, my dad gave us a one of a kind, world-class toast. People talked about it for weeks and still mention it whenever we reminisce about our big day. A small part of his commentary about Jim was the following story:

I learned a lot about Jim’s character several years ago when Jessica called me, completely hysterical, to tell me they’d had to put Jim’s beloved dog to sleep. When I asked Jessie how Jim was doing, she said, “You know Dad, it’s the funniest thing. This was Jim’s dog, but he’s more concerned with how I’m doing than himself.” This is exactly what a father wants to hear.”

Today, on the one day of the year that should be all about him, he’s catering to me as I grieve. I love you so much Mr. Jim. Thank you for all that you do to make me the happiest girl in the world.


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