This weekend I learned that…

1. My friends and I are not 21 any more, but do a really good job pretending we are.
2. The lake with friends is the best way to survive an Arizona summer.
3. Dogs are the most forgiving species on the planet.
4. Breakfast burritos are just as good when eaten for dinner. Frozen yogurt is also good for dinner.
5. Misting systems do not help when it’s over 110 degrees.
6. iPods and iPhones dislike hot cars, but can be revived after resting in the fridge.
7. Getting 11 people into the same movie, on time, with seats together, is impossible.
8. You should not Google anything about a television show unless you’re prepared for spoilers.
9. Catch Phrase can be played in almost any situation, but is not waterproof.
10. I make better fajitas than you can get at Chili’s.


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