I watch almost zero TV, but I watch enough to be obsessed with KIA commercials.

However, I have little to no desire to ever purchase a KIA, or even ride in one. I know nothing about their cars other than the fact that a few years ago I had one as a rental for a week and it reminded me of a red go-kart. I’m not sure what this says about my attention span, or about KIA, but at the very least – their ads have caused me to form a strong, positive association with their brand.

So while my next car will not likely be a Sorento (had to Google that), I still think their advertising is successful because people can remember it and relate to it. If I was ever subjected to weird psychological testing about cars, I think Kia would fare better than Saturn or Hyundai or any of its chief competitors. All because of a sock monkey and some gangsta hamsters.


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