texts from last week – part 2

It’s time for another installment of texts from last week. If you missed part 1, you can find it here.

Sender names are omitted to protect the guilty.

“My stomach growling is the only thing keeping me awake in this meeting.”

“OMG for a second I thought this number was someone from work and I was going to make up an excuse not to hang out with you.”

“Totally hot plumber at the house. I will try to sneak a pic. Like seriously hot where I want a single friend to hook up with him.”

“I just painted a canvas. I’m amazing.”

“As a license plate I saw today read: W3RD.”

“I feel like you’re my personal librarian.”

“Sounds fun. Wish I was out. Actually, wish I was asleep.”

“Something else that’s normal – mail from Robert Redford. We are tight. He’s my penpal.”

“They play The Hills reruns on the TV Guide Channel…amazing.”

“She is scary and old. She is the female Hulk, so Hulk-ette.”

“OK I didn’t know if that was some weird British response like Crikey. I just accept your new lingo.”

“Oh the things we can’t say out loud.”


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