book (wine) club

I love that book club with my girlfriends translates to wine night without boys. We do actually all read the same book each month, but we don’t spend more than two minutes discussing it. How could we, there are so many other things to talk about. Like…burglars, coupons, weddings, work, furniture, health, movies…

I also love that our better halves are fully aware that we aren’t actually book nerds, but allow us to act like we are in order to continue these evenings of eating and drinking our faces off without distractions.

For those of you who are interested in what we’re pretending to read reading, here’s a list of recent books:

This month: The Hunger Games  – all three in the series. They may be written for 14-year olds, but they’re entertaining as hell and I cannot wait for the movie. Thank you Anna for introducing me to these!)

Next month: Room – I am very excited to start this one – and hope it’s less disturbing than A Stolen Life – which I read over someone’s shoulder on their iPad on a recent flight. Yes, really.

Coming up: Unbroken – already bought it – and have heard from lots of people that it’s ‘the best book they’ve ever read.’ Pressure’s on…

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