Airport Musings


Things overheard waiting for our flight:

1. “You know this is the airport the terrorists left from. Well I’m giving everyone a second look before they get on my plane.”

Mental response: Shut up. Ignorant and Inappropriate.

2. “The people loading our bags don’t look nearly as happy as the folks in the Southwest commercials.

Mental response: Two words – paid actors.

3. “Can you watch my bags while I run to get a snack?”

Mental response: Sure, despite the warnings not to watch other people’s bags that are played every eight minutes at every airport in the world, I’d love to watch yours.

4. “Great game for the Sox last night eh?”

Actual response: Hell yeah (followed by high-five.

One thought on “Airport Musings

  1. I bet if you went into the bathroom you’d hear some even better conversations people were having on their cell phone. WHY!? for the love of Pete, do people insist on talking on their phone in the bathroom – and not even in the bathroom, but in the damn stall! Weird. And Gross. And yet I see it every time I’m in the airport.

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