this is funny

If you haven’t read the most recent CNN piece by Sara Benincas, I think you should. If you’re female that is.

She’s a writer and comedian who frankly reminds me a lot of me, based on the zero times I’ve met her and a quick assessment of her writing.

In her opinion piece, I’m shocked! Beauty ads lie? she highlights legal activity in the UK surrounding apparent false claims by L’Oreal with regard to product effectiveness.

Here’s my favorite excerpt:

[…] Now I don’t know how effective The Eraser actually is. And quite frankly, I want nothing to do with a product called Teint Miracle. But I am shocked — shocked! — that L’Oreal, the company behind both brands, had the audacity to imply via advertising that its products would achieve a cosmetic effect that might not be 100% guaranteed to make me look like a movie staaah.

The most ironic part of this whole thing is that the complaint was initially raised by the person who co-founded the Campaign for Body Confidence – not by a competitor. Could that be because they ALL make insanely exaggerated claims?


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