words to live by

Take your work seriously. Take your health seriously. Don’t take yourself seriously.

When I see someone get upset over something that doesn’t have life-threatening repercussions, I typically want to hit them with a Whac-A-Mole mallet. Not because they aren’t entitled to whatever they want to feel – we all have our own scales of reality, but because 95 percent of the time it’s over something absurdly insignificant.

And yes, I’m guilty of doing this almost daily.

But in a more perfect world, we’d be rejoicing over the silly things that bring us to tears, rather than letting them ruin our day.

In the past few years, I’ve seen friends and loved ones suffer and prevail through unbelievable circumstances. I’ve seen the loss of parents, children and siblings. Battles with disease. The loss of jobs and homes. People persevere without pause through things I can’t imagine.

So my preachy thought of the day is that we all should think twice the next time we get upset, and consider how many people would run to trade places with us. Keep calm and carry on. Or, just panic, dumbass and behave like a headless chicken.


2 thoughts on “words to live by

  1. Amen to that. I feel the same way (and yes, guilty of it as well.) I love your posts, friend! You are full of wisdom.

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