cut from the same cloth

You know how they say twins have their own secret language? Dan’s three years older than me but I’m pretty sure we also have one, because I doubt anyone else in the world knows what the F we are talking about in this excerpt from tonight’s conversation:

We went on to discuss a nightclub he went to this weekend:

Me: the LMFAO party rock song is huge here, that’s what started playing in my head when you typed that – “everyday i’m shuffling” – oomcha oomcha oomcha

Dan: i have ZERO idea what you are talking about

Me: – this song is EVERYWHERE. the ‘return of the mack’ of 2011

Dan: yes this song is everywhere here. constantly being played. it’s f**king TERRIBLE

Me: but it’s like crack. can’t stop head bopping to it

Dan: omg that song is burned into my soul now

Me: is there a word for getting a bad song stuck in someone’s head. or can we invent one?

Love you.

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