character builders

I think a character builder is something that you weren’t sure you’d ever be able to ever do – but somehow learned to execute with confidence. Or something that seemed to always be a struggle and then suddenly just wasn’t. We’ve all got them, and I think it’s a great exercise to figure out the obscure things that helped make us “us.”

These are some of my own:

1. Growing up with curly hair
2. Learning how to run.
3. Planning a wedding.
4. Wearing flats more than heels.
5. Drinking milk out of the container.
6. Having penpals.
7. Learning to stay home and enjoy a weekend night.
8. Traveling internationally alone.
9. Washing my own car.
10. Knowing when I should still call my parents for help.

*I tried to add an image to this post, but a Google image search for ‘character builder’ revealed only creepy Dungeons and Dragons images I chose not to include.


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