reality show ideas

I don’t have cable, so if any of these already exist, I’m simply unaware of them. In fact, my lack of cable is probably the only reason why I have time to blog, bake, exercise…

1. 16 and Eggnant: Remember that home ec project where teenagers had to babysit an egg to prepare for parenthood? Make it happen. On TV.

2. Social Smack Down: Contestants must gain the most connections on a given networking site within a set time frame. Millennials have a handicap of only being able to text blindfolded.

3. Interviews Gone Wild: Feature candid footage of the worst interviews across all companies. Like the person who wears Tevas, or talks to himself. Not that I’ve ever seen that happen.

4. The Intern: Like Boiling Point only you’re putting up with insanely menial tasks for college credit. I was once asked to sit in the floor of a closet and fold t-shirts for four hours at a time, thanks #KISS-FM.

5. Return Round Up: You have to get a store to accept the return of a ludicrous item that wasn’t purchased at said store. Like, a garden hose at Victoria’s Secret. Or a dog at a shoe store.

6. Hold, Please: How long can you stay on the phone with a customer service rep? Ever seen the Seinfeld episode where Kramer puts the cable guy on hold?
7. Reality Now: A reality show about reality shows. And people trying to think of new ones. Like a hall of mirrors…

8. IKEA: You have to live in IKEA for a full year. You create a home in the store and eat only Swedish meatballs and schnitzel. The prize is (obviously) a fully furnished home.

9. Living Biblically: If you haven’t read the book, you should. I think it’d make a fascinating show. Especially when he throws stones at adulterers.

10. Celebrity PR: Take the most screwed up celebrities (cough, Charlie Sheen, cough, Lindsey Lohan) and watch as the world’s finest PR practitioners are challenged with revamping their images.

Anybody have ideas?

2 thoughts on “reality show ideas

  1. I’d like to see a show where family members demonstrate the bizarre idiosyncrasies that they may never have revealed to anyone including other family members. e.g. reversing the way the paper towels are placed in the dispenser; washing dishes thoroughly before placing them in the dishwasher; insane behavior doing laundry etc.

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