be quiet, george

I don’t know who George is, but he shouldn’t have virtually talked back to me before 6 a.m. There are certain things you don’t do.

I used to moderate a corporate Facebook page and have spent hours crafting responses and getting legal approval before responding to these types of comments. So – I probably should have more discretion.

But when hold time is more than an hour, social media can be the best way to get a response. Unfortunately for me, when tornadoes strike the midwest there are too many thousands of people complaining to airlines for me to get any resolution at all.

What never ceases to amaze me is the protection people feel when communicating through the internet. We say and do things that would be unheard of in face-to-face interactions. And with no sense of true anonymity; since George’s profile is public, I took a gander and he seems like a decent guy, albeit a little sassy.

Moral of the story? Don’t book a flight to Bentonville, Arkansas in the middle of June. The odds are not in your favor. And don’t underestimate the breadth of any comments on social sites; George is now forever emblazoned in this blog as a guy who annoyed me.

And for heaven’s sake make your Facebook profile private.

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