Adieu, Hugh

Well, the wedding is off. Hugh Hefner is a bachelor once again.

I don’t know much about Hugh above what I watched on a few seasons of Girls Next Door, but he’s become quite candid in his recent tweets.

Not one for flowery details, he seems to do well with a 140 character limit.

Who knows if these are actually written by Hefner, or by a 22-year-old PR intern; it’s equally entertaining and disturbing to ponder either alternative. I’m just impressed that whoever writes them uses punctuation in accordance with AP style guidelines.

It makes me wonder what he would’ve thought if years ago, someone told him that at 85 he’d be mourning a broken engagement to someone 60 years younger than him through one-sentence thoughts that are immediately visible to the entire world.

He’d probably thing you were nuts. As nuts as people undoubtedly thought he was when he initiated the Playboy dream in 1953.


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