i hope you dance

I watched an episode of The Office this weekend where Michael Scott attends an Indian cultural event and becomes so motivated by a couple celebrating 30 years of marriage that he proposes to his girlfriend on their third date. Like any sane person, she says no, but the story showed how moving it can be to witness true love.

On that note…we went to a wedding this Saturday and my favorite moment of the entire evening was a three-minute dance between an elderly couple. She was in a wheelchair, and he gently brought her onto the dance floor. He smiled as he twirled her around and showed off some fabulous moves.

The entire room was mesmerized. The way this man glowed while staring at his wife was the only thing you could notice. The chair did nothing to confine their expression of love. He treated the moment as a privilege and seemed to enjoy every second.

At the risk of sounding unbelievably corny, I have to think this is what life, and love, is all about. To be able to completely lose yourself in a loud, crowded room and just enjoy dancing with the person you’ve built a life with.


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