Havasupai Falls Hike

This weekend we joined friends and strangers to hike to Havasupai Falls. On Friday afternoon we drove from Phoenix to Seligman (which I still don’t think I can pronounce correctly). We stayed at the “lovely” Supai Motel and dined at the “classy” Roadkill Cafe.


Saturday morning we drove another hour from Seligman to the start of the hike and began our journey. The hike is 10 miles each way and each leg took us just over four hours. We spent Saturday afternoon exploring all the waterfalls and challenged death by climbing down the ‘Descend at your Own Risk’ path to Mooney Falls.

The entire thing was amazingly beautiful – and I’m told it’s nothing like what it was before devastating floods a few years ago. As Jared explained, “It looks like where unicorns would live.”

The hike back up was a wee bit more challenging – I blame gravity, but we all survived.

It’s been a while since I’ve been camping, and I made a list of things I have a new-found appreciation for after the trip:

1. the smell of anything but horses – we paid to have mules carry our gear down, and smelled of horses the entire weekend
2. warm pie – as opposed to cold, at Roadkill Cafe
3. chips and salsa – the thought alone motivated us up the mountain
4. flat ground – as opposed to gravel, sand, or hills
5. my calves – still dead
6. any person who doesn’t sneeze on me – I was sneezed on by a stranger upon reaching the end of the hike
7. electrolytes – sorry water, they’re worth it
8. toilet paper – good.to.have.
9. meat that’s not from roadkill sources or dehydrated in a bag – Jim may or may not have vomited after we got home from dinner
10. matterhorn deodorant – I forgot mine and used Jim’s Matterhorn-scented Old Spice deodorant, and instantly became more of a mountain man


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