junk in my trunk

On my way home today, I passed a homeless man on a freeway on-ramp sitting with a dog and a sign asking for work. I don’t often give money out to people I pass, but today I felt the need to do something. I quickly looked for cash and had none, but found a bag of dog treats I use to lure Bruno back at the park. I called to the man and gave him the bag.

His expression was one of relief, “Are these for my dog?” I told him they were, and he responded, “Good, he’s the one I’m really concerned about.”

I can’t help but feel happy that despite his troubling circumstances, he still cared about his dog over himself. Score +1 for good over evil.

I also can’t believe I’ve become one of those people that has so much random crap in my car. If, under some strange circumstances, my car was searched right now, here are some of the items that would be discovered:

1 wedding dress
2 bedspreads
1 pair of boxing gloves
an array of shoes, books and magazines
1 pair of gardening gloves
various sets of handwritten directions

One thought on “junk in my trunk

  1. I leave a small bag of dog food in my car for this exact reason. I don’t really feel as compelled to help the homeless (unless I have some food), but I feel so bad when I see a poor pup, hungry and cold. Maybe that sounds terrible like I place dogs above humans, but you know that dog will enjoy the food and you don’t really know what would happen if you gave a few bucks. I’m glad that sweet man was concerned with his dog.

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