You know you have a best friend when you randomly get this kind of email:

Dear Mrs. Taylor,

In your free time, here are some fun activities: – you can download audio yoga classes and pose guides – a lot of the 20 minute classes are free.  I have Yoga for Runners and I’ve been enjoying it. – Make these for Oreo loving Jim.  They will rock his world!  I’ve made them twice – once w/ double stuffed Oreos and once w/ peanut butter Oreos.  The 2 days I made these were the best 2 days of my food processor’s life.  Plus, with only 3 ingredients you probably have at least 1/3 of what you need already. 

Happy Sunday!


It’s like she knows me or something…

Love you Banana.


3 thoughts on “lucky.

  1. If he likes Oreos, you should try the Oreo truffles. They might be from that same site. All it is is a box of cream cheese softened, and mix that with a bag (or maybe a little less than a bag) of completely processed Oreos so they are crumbs. Roll them in balls, dip them in white chocolate and put in fridge to harden and bam you have yourself an awesome delicious you will eat too many, Oreo balls. I like to drizzle them with regular chocolate to make them look fancy, ha.

    1. I made Oreo truffles for Jessica to ask her to be my Maid of Honor. I spelled out MOH with the truffles. They were also a huge hit.

  2. Made the Nutter Butter No-Bakes on Picky Palate. I think I screwed them up :-/ But alas, that site is awesome, I agree with Anna!

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